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MLX90640BAB Field of view angle 55*35 degrees (small angle, suitable for long distance measurement)
Provide PC software(We will provide download links on 5.27.) to directly display temperature imaging graphics.
The module contains a single-chip microcomputer, the serial port directly outputs 768 temperature data, and usb turns ttl directly to the computer to see the data.
The original I2C interface of mlx90640 is retained, and the sensor chip can be directly operated by an external MCU (PS is connected to GND).
1. Using the MLX90640BAB sensor, the sensor is factory calibrated
2. Built-in 1000ma rechargeable lithium battery, charging with mciro usb interface
3. With screenshot function, you can pause the picture for analysis
4. With the screen color corresponding to the temperature adjustment function, you can set the temperature to display different colors.
5. With USB data transmission interface, later upgradeable system, free update internal system, default system version 1.0
Display: 2.4inch color display, 320*240
Resolution: 32 x 24
FOV/Shortest focal length:55°*35°
Temperature range: -40°-+300°
Measuring accuracy: ±2°
Image frequency: 8HZ
Emissivity: 0.1-1.0/Adjustable
Focus mode: Fixed
Power supply: 1000ma rechargeable lithium battery  (included)
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Storage temperature: -40℃-70℃
Humidity: <90%RH
Size: 80*50*26mm
Weight: 220g

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